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COVID-19 Shipping Information

Impact of COVID-19 on International Shipping

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions to international shipping.  Most shipping services are experiencing long delays when shipping packages from the United States to international destinations.  This problem isn't specific to the is affecting shipments across all industries and organizations.

The Nautical Research Guild has been monitoring the progress of international shipments, and has found that many international orders from the NRG store were being delayed or not delivered.

To improve this, the NRG has had to temporarily change how we ship physical products to international customers.  This change has resulted in an increase in international shipping charges for orders from the NRG store.  We believe this is preferable to other alternatives, such as halting international shipments.  Without this change, we would be unable to continue shipping orders internationally.

Effective immediately, all orders through the NRG store that are being shipped outside of the United States will be subject to a $10 COVID-19 surcharge to cover the higher international shipping charges.

We believe this increase is temporary, and we will continue to reevaluate international shipping options.  Once this crisis passes and we are able to return to normal shipping methods, we will discontinue the additional surcharge.

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