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Help with the Digital Edition

The digital edition of the Nautical Research Journal is available to NRG members who have selected the Digital or Print+Digital subscription options.  The digital edition lets you read issues of the Nautical Research Journal on your computer, tablet, or smart phone using a web browser.

The digital edition features all the content found in the print edition with the same layout and structure.  As an added benefit, the entire digital edition is published in color (the printed Journal features a mix of color and and black-and-white content).

Getting the Digital Edition

To get access to the digital edition, you'll need to be an NRG member with a digital subscription.  You can join the NRG by clicking here.  If you joined recently, you had the option to choose between digital, print, or digital+print options when you signed up.  If you joined prior to the release of the digital edition, or if you'd like to change your membership to include the digital edition, contact the NRG office.

As a member with a digital subscription, you'll have access to all digital editions published during the term of your membership.

Using the Digital Edition

You can access each digital edition as soon as it is published.  Typically you'll receive an email when a new issue is available with a link to that issue.  You can also bookmark the link to any digital edition in your web browser, and use that link to access other issues.  You can always access the latest digital edition from the Nautical Research Journal page.

Supported Web Browsers

To use the digital edition, you'll need a modern web browser with cookies and Javascript enabled.  The NRG recommends the following web browsers:

    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Apple Safari
    • Microsoft Edge

Additionally, the web browser found on any modern mobile device (tablet or smart phone) should work just fine.

Logging In

When you open the digital edition, you'll be asked to enter your email address and password.  This is the email address you used to join, and the password you set when setting up your digital edition access (see below).  If you forget your password, use the link on the sign-in form to reset your password.

Digital Edition Interface

The digital edition's interface will look similar regardless of what device or browser you use.

The top of the window features a toolbar with a variety of tools for using the digital edition.  The main area below the toolbar shows the current page.

You can jump to the next or previous page using the arrow buttons found on the left and right sides of the window.

Using the toolbar at the top, you can access a variety of features.

From left to right, these options include:

    • Library View.  Click to access all the issues that are included in your subscription.
    • Zoom In / Out.  Click the magnifying glass icons to zoom the page in and out.  When zoomed in, click and drag in the main area to pan around the page.
    • Next / Previous.  Click either of the arrows in the toolbar to jump to the next or previous page.
    • Page View Toggle.  Click the 'book' icon to switch between a single-page and double-page view.
    • Fit to Screen. Clicking the box with the arrows will zoom the page to fill your screen.
    • Page Browser.  The icon with three small boxes between two lines turns the page browser on and off.  When turned on, an area will appear at the bottom of your window showing all the pages in this issue.
    • Table of Contents.  The bulleted list icon opens a menu that lets you see the table of contents and easily jump to any article or section.
    • Download PDF.  The PDF icon lets you download a PDF for printing.  
    • Bookmark.  The star icon marks the current page as a bookmark.  You
    •  can access bookmarks by turning on the Page Browser, and switching it to 'Bookmarks'.
    • Notes. Clicking the note icon will add a sticky note to the current page.  You can click on the sticky note to add text or delete the note.  
    • Highlighter.  The highlighter tool lets you mark up the current page with a colored highlighter.
    • Search.  The search box at the right lets you search the current issue for any text.

Printing from the Digital Edition

If you'd like to print a few pages from the digital edition for your personal use, you can do that easily.

    1. In the toolbar, click the PDF button to open the digital edition as a PDF.  
    2. Use the print function in your browser to print the desired pages.

Note that printing something like the digital edition can use a lot of ink, which gets expensive fast.  We don't recommend printing the entire digital edition, as it would be considerably cheaper to simply subscribe to the printed edition.

Important Note:  The printable PDF is for personal use only by NRG digital edition subscribers.  Sharing the PDF in any manner is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate action being taken.

Setting up Your Digital Edition Access

When you subscribe to the digital edition, you will receive an email with instructions on setting up your access.  You may repeat these steps at any time if you forget your password.

    1. Click the link provided to access the digital edition (or use the link on the Nautical Research Journal page.)
    2. When prompted for your login, click Forgotten your password?
    3. Enter the email address you joined under.
    4. Check your email for an email from Yudu.  Use the link in that email to set a password of your choice.

Once you have set your password using the steps, you can log in with your email and password.


Lost Password

If you lose your password for the digital edition, repeat the steps above for setting up your digital edition access.  You can reset your password at any time by having the system send you a special link via email.  The NRG office does NOT have access to your password, and cannot recover your password.

Password Email Not Received

If you do not receive the email to set or change your password, it is typically easily resolved.

    • Verify that your email is correct.  Be sure the email you are entering in the digital edition is the same email you provided to the NRG when joining.  Also check to be sure that there are not any typos.  If the email address you gave us at sign up had a mistake, that will need to be fixed before you can access the digital edition.  If you spot a typo in your email address, contact the NRG office for help.
    • Check your spam or junk email folder.  Most email providers will automatically hide email they consider to be spam or junk email.  While this is usually helpful, they often decide that valid emails are junk.  Even popular email services like Gmail will frequently automatically file the digital edition's password email in your junk folder.  If you don't see the email in your inbox, check your junk folder!
    • In some rare cases, your email provider may be blocking the email.  Some email services, especially those from Microsoft such as and, take a heavy handed approach to filtering emails they consider to be spam.  These services will 'accept' our email, but then simply 'throw them away' without actually delivering them to you.  Unfortunately there is nothing the NRG can do in this situation.  If you don't receive the email, and you've checked your spam folder and verified your email, we are probably unable to send you the password email.  Contact the NRG office for help, and we can either change your email address (if you have an address through another provider), or manually set your password to something of your choosing.

Issues Reading the Digital Edition

If you experience any problems with reading the digital edition, the cause is typically an incompatibility with your web browser.

    • Be sure you are using a supported web browser (listed above), and that you are using the latest version of that web browser.
    • Verify that cookies are enabled in your browser (consult the help documentation for your browser).
    • Verify that javascript is enabled in your browser (consult the help documentation for your browser).
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