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Extended Journal Content

Additional Articles and Book Reviews from the Nautical Research Journal

The Nautical Research Journal includes tons of articles, columns and book reviews in each issue.  In addition, there is some content that just doesn't fit in the pages of the Journal.  Below you'll find this extended content.


The Nautical Research Journal occasionally features articles that offer additional extended content online.  This additional content is available below.

Colonel John Glover’s Marblehead Schooner Hannah (1765 - 1775): Fishing for the Truth

Randle McLean Biddle

Additional expanded content, including parts 1-4 available soon for NRG members.  Check back soon!

Book Reviews

Each issue of the Nautical Research Journal features detailed book reviews. Click here to browse the additional online book reviews for each Journal issue.

Ships in Scale Articles

The Nautical Research Journal continued two series of articles that began in Ships in Scale.  Those original articles from Ships in Scale are available below.

HMCS Chicoutimi, Canadian Flower-Class Corvette

Bruce LeCren

Ticonderoga, The Side Paddle-Wheeler

Alex Derry

Part 1, September/October 2016

Part 2, January/February 2017

Part 3, March/April 2017

Part 4, May/June 2017

Part 5, Summer 2017

Part 6, Fall 2017

Part 7, Winter 2018

Part 8, Spring 2018

Part 9, Summer 2018

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