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Published quarterly, the Nautical Research Journal contains feature articles on ship model building, merchant and naval shipbuilding, naval architecture, maritime trade, nautical history, and maritime arts.

For over 60 years, each issue has featured material contributed by professional and dedicated amateur historians, museum curators, ship modelers, artists, and others.  Each article is beautifully illustrated with archival and modern photographs, vessel plans, and technical drawings. 

In Every Issue

    • Features that provide in-depth articles on model construction, research, and nautical history.
    • Shop notes give practical innovative workshop and research advice
    • Tips and techniques feature great information for new modelers and experienced builders alike.
    • Book reviews of recent maritime publications. Click here for expanded online book reviews
    • Letters to the editor, an arena for members to ask questions and provide feedback
    • Vendor advertisements, a vital guide when making purchasing decisions

Current Issue
Spring 2022 - Vol. 67, No. 1


  • The whaleback steamer James B. Colgate (1892) – a unique design for a stormy problem by Dan Pariser
  • Swift: A Virginia pilot boat of 1805 by Gilbert McArdle
  • Models of ships of the Norman invasion fleet of 1066 as seen in the Bayeux Tapestry by Bill Wardle
  • Building a paper model of SMS Emden by Richard Snyder
  • Building Skuldelev 3, A Norse (Viking) coastal cargo carrier: a comfortable first scratch-build or a pleasant project for the time between major efforts by Clayton A. Feldman
  • NEPTUNIA No. 305
  • Thoughts on lettering for models by David Antscherl
  • Notes on the deaths of two prominent New York naval architects by Larrie D. Ferreiro

Columns and Editorials

    • Editorial: What direction now? by Paul E. Fontenoy
    • Tips & Techniques: Cleaning your airbrush by Kurt Van Dahm
    • Model Shipways kit #MS2270: USCG Harriet Lane by Kurt Van Dahm
    • Book Reviews

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Available in Print and Digital Editions

The Nautical Research Journal is available as both a collectable printed magazine and as a digital publication.  You can choose which version to receive when you join the NRG.

The print edition of the Journal is mailed to members quarterly.  The print edition features a beautiful glossy cover and a mix of full color and black and white pages.   It makes a great addition to any collection of reference materials.

The digital edition is accessed online through your web browser.  It can be viewed from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone.  

New and renewing members can select which version they wish to receive when signing up, and current members can easily add a digital or print edition to their existing membership by contacting the NRG.

Digital Edition Features

    • All the same content as the printed Journal
    • View on any computer, tablet, or mobile phone
    • Full color illustrations and photos throughout
    • Add bookmarks and notes
    • Archive of all digital editions released during your membership
    • Available immediately when more waiting for the mail
    • Cost-effective option for international members
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