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Giving a Membership as a Gift

If you'd like to give a membership to someone else, you can do that online or by contacting the office.  The important thing to remember is to enter your information for the billing info, and the recipient's info as the member info.

Please note that when you give a membership, our system will automatically email membership information to the recipient.  This can happen immediately after submitting the membership application.  Take this into account if you want this to be a surprise! 

    1. Click here to start the application process.
    2. Select between United States, Canadian or International memberships, depending on where the recipient lives.
    3. Select between a digital only, print only, or print and digital membership.
    4. Select whether the membership should automatically renew or be manually renewed.  If you choose automatic renewals, be aware that YOUR credit card will be charged for renewals.
    5. Enter the recipient's email.
    6. In the application form, enter the information for the recipient who will become the actual member.
    7. Review the application, and click Pay Online to proceed to payment.
    8. In the payment information, enter your credit card information and billing details.
    9. Submit the payment to complete the process.

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