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Help with Memberships

How to Join the NRG

Joining the NRG is easy, and takes just a few minutes.  You can sign up online or by mail.  For more information on memberships, click here.

Joining Online

To join online, visit our Become a Member page by clicking here, then step through the form.

Joining by Mail

If you'd prefer to join by mail, you can download and print a membership form.

Renewing Your Membership

Memberships with the NRG typically last one year from the date your membership is processed.  As the end of your year nears, you'll receive a notice about renewing.  You can renew online or by mail.  If you do not renew, your membership will expire and you will not receive future issues of the Nautical Research Journal.  You can restart your membership at any time by repeating the application process.

For information on how to renew online, by mail, or by phone, click here.

Membership Types and Options

When you join the NRG, there are a few options to choose from.  You can change these options when you renew your membership.

U.S., Canada, or International Memberships

You will need to select between United States, Canada, or International memberships when you sign up.  If you are located in the U.S., choose the United States option, choose the Canadian option if you're in Canada, and choose International if you are located in any other country (including Mexico). Canadian and International memberships cost slightly more to cover the additional costs for mailing your Nautical Research Journals.

Digital or Print Memberships

The Nautical Research Journal is available as a printed magazine and as a digital publication.  When you join the NRG, you can select how you'd like to receive the Journal.  Digital memberships include only the digital edition, which can be viewed in any modern web browser.  Digital members will NOT receive a physical copy of the Journal.  Print memberships include only the print edition, which will be mailed to you quarterly.  The Print+Digital membership includes both versions, giving you the option to read the Journal in either format.

Donor Levels

Finally, you have the option of adding an additional donation to your membership.  There are 5 additional donation levels beyond the standard membership.  These options include an additional donation to the NRG and let you show your support for the organization.

Changing Your Contact Information

It is important to keep your contact information up-to-date.  If you move, we'll need your new address to ensure delivery of your Nautical Research Journal.  You'll also want to ensure we have your current email address so you'll get all the latest news and updates.

You can update your information by contacting the NRG office.

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