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Viewing PDF Files

Many of the NRG's resources and digital products use PDF files.  PDF stands for Portable Document Format, and is an industry standard format for delivering digital documents.  PDF files have been in widespread use since the 1990s and are used to ensure digital documents look 'just right' on any computer or device.

Since PDFs are standardized and very common, there are many different applications that can view them.  Chances are your computer can view these files just fine by simply double-clicking them.  If your computer already has software installed that supports PDF files, the document will open without any additional steps.

Software for Viewing PDFs

The most common ways to view a PDF file include:

    • Your web browser.  Modern web browsers have built-in support for viewing PDFs.  They will open automatically and typically support printing and downloading.  For help on how to use PDFs in your web browser, consult your browser's documentation.
    • Preview on the Mac.  For Apple computers, the built in Preview application displays PDFs by default.  This application comes built-in on all modern Macs.
    • Acrobat Reader.  The free Acrobat Reader is an application published by Adobe, the creators of the PDF format.  Acrobat Reader is available for most operating systems.


If you experience problems viewing a PDF file, the best place to start is Adobe's free online help.  Click here for help with viewing PDF files online.

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