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Help with the NRG Website

Supported Web Browsers

The NRG website is designed to work with all modern web browsers.  You should be able to use this website on all popular operating systems, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

This website uses standard technologies that are supported by all modern browsers.  However, older web browsers may not have support for some of today's technologies.  For the best experience, we recommend using the latest version available for your browser.  Keeping up-to-date with your web browser is highly recommended to ensure you're getting the best experience and security with all websites you visit.

The NRG recommends the following web browsers:

    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Apple Safari
    • Microsoft Edge

Use of other browsers may result in some features not working correctly, or some pages on this site looking a little 'odd'.

Please note that Microsoft has ceased development of Internet Explorer, and replace it with Microsoft Edge.  Use of Internet Explorer is not recommended.  Older versions of Internet Explorer have many known compatibility and security issues.  If you are using Internet Explorer, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to Microsoft Edge or another modern web browser.


This website makes use of cookies to improve the user experience.  Cookies are simply small bits of information that are stored in your computer's web browser by a website.  The information saved in a cookie can only be accessed by the website that saved it.

Cookies themselves are harmless and are used by most websites.  For example, when you log into your member account on this site, a cookie saves an identifier that indicates you are logged in.  Without that cookie, every time you went to a different page, you'd be logged out, and nothing would work properly.

Where cookies cause problems is when websites use things from third parties, like advertising.  These third parties often save their own cookies, and use them to determine which ads to show you.  Some bad organizations can abuse this and 'track' some of your online activity.  We don't use any services that do this.

The NRG website does not utilize any of the third party services that commonly abuse cookies.  We do not use ad networks that track you.  Our use of cookies is limited to supporting the functionality of our website (logging in, placing orders, etc.), and letting us analyze the traffic we are receiving (number of visitors, which pages were visited, etc.).

For information on enabling and disabling cookies, check the help documentation for your specific web browser.

This website, and its online store may not be fully functional if you choose not to enable cookies.


Like all modern websites, this website uses Javascript to enhance the functionality of the site.  Javascript is a programming language that runs within your web browser.  It has been in widespread use on websites for over 20 years.  It allows web pages to be interactive, and is used for things like drop-down menus, searching, and online ordering.  

Javascript is enabled in modern web browsers by default.  If you choose to manually disable it, this website will not function properly.

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