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Colonel John Glover’s Marblehead schooner Hannah (1765 - 1775)

April 12, 2021 3:21 PM | David Eddy

Colonel John Glover’s Marblehead schooner Hannah (1765 - 1775): Fishing for the truth by Randle McLean Biddle is an in-depth research monograph that first appeared with an introduction in the Winter 2020 issue of the Nautical Research Journal.  The monograph was continued with 5 additional parts made available here on the Nautical Research Guild website.

Now, this in-depth research monograph is available as a downloadable PDF for NRG members. Available as a single download or as individual PDFs by clicking here.

With these PDFs, one for each Part of the monograph, you can:

  • Print a copy for a three-ring binder for handy reference for your personal library bookshelf.
  • Print copies of selected pages for use in your workshop if you choose to build your own interpretation of Hannah from the 1:48 drawings provided.
  • Read the monograph either on your device or on paper.

NRG members can download the PDFs and additional drawings by clicking here.

Not an NRG member yet?  Click here to learn more about membership and get access to this monograph!

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