Vladimir ChurilinShip Model Project Photos 

I'm a fan of the modeler. I have been making models of American river steamboats for three years.

Western River Steamboat


1:72" scale - Scratch Built

800mm long x 390mm high

The model is made entirely of wood in 2011. I Used 17 different types of wood.  Bamboo, Beech, and exotic African woods. The model is made entirely from natural materials, without the use of paint. This model of a steamboat won the gold medal in the Championship of Russia in 2011 and a silver medal at the European Championship in 2011.



1:72" scale - Scratch Built

1420mm long x 570mm high 

The model is made entirely of wood without painting from Bernd Lorenzen drawings. Made of wood rigging and flags. The model is very difficult to manufacture a lot of detail. In the 2012 model received a gold medal at the Russian Championship in the class C-3B. 

St. Gavriil

1:25" scale - Scratch Built

540mm long x 500mm high  

18th Century Russian boat. The "discovery" of America by Russia. 

Mary Powell - 1861

1:72" scale - Scratch Built

13200 mm long x 310 mm high   

Model is constructed entirely out of wood.  Bamboo and Oak.  Not Painted.