Ron NeilsonShip Model Project Photos 

I started modeling in 2010. I am currently working on my 7th POB model. I especially like to modify high-quality kits of 17-18th C sailing ships. I retired 8 years ago and owned an advertising/public relations firm. I am a graphics designer, photographer, writer, design engineer and computer jockey. I am from Northern California and also lived in England. I have 7 children and 10 grandchildren. I love this hobby. When I'm not gluing my fingers together, I am an avid reader, especially history.

USF Confederacy


3/16" scale - Model Shipways Kit

35" long x 10" high

This excellent kit model is in the "admiralty-style," designed to feature various detail reveals. I chose to upgrade the ship's planking with boxwood and some of the deck furniture (cherry). I added high-quality brass cannon, a detailed resin figurehead. The Bubinga wood baseboard has custom brass pedestals and an incised nautical compass. The project took me 10 months. I especially like square-rigged ships from the 17-18th century. I also like to complete my projects within several months.

 HMS Diana


3/16" scale - Caldercraft Kit

46" long x 42" high

HMS Diana is a 36-44 gun Royal Navy (British) frigate. I modified the kit extensively with boxwood, cherry and walnut. All masting/spars are from square-section boxwood and rigging was done to Lee's specifications and per techniques from NRG member David Antscherl. I also used the AOTS publication, "HMS Diana" for detailed reference. The baseboard is curly maple with a rosewood marquetry inlay. Blocks are from NRG's Lloyd Warner and most rope custom made. It took about 11 months to build. 

HMS Ardent


3/16" scale - Caldercraft Kit

56" long x 44" high

This 18thC Royal Navy 3rd-rate capitol ship was the first in it's class of 64's. The "tumblehome" design is based on a French prize. Ardent was captured by the French in the English Channel and then later re-captured by the English in the Battle of The Saintes. I based my model on a "skeleton" (keel and bulkheads) from the Caldercraft plans for the Agamemnon and then scratchbuilt the balance. She is portrayed "action"ready with chain slings, hawse plugs, swivel guns in the tops.Rigging per Lees