NRG Photographic Ship Model Competition

In the past, entering a ship model competition required the shipping and storage of the physical model so that it could be judged in person. This was both risky and expensive, which meant that some great models were never entered into competition. It was also the major reason why museums backed out of hosting these events. But in today's world, good digital cameras are inexpensive and most modelers, or their grandchildren, have one. By judging photographs rather than the physical model, it was possible to expand a competition to a much wider spectrum of our community.

The NRG has sponsored three juried Photographic Ship Model Competitions. Despite its name, this event is not primarily a competition. In keeping with the aims and goals of the Guild, the purpose of this Competition is to encourage modelers of all levels to advance and refine their work, as much as it is to recognize excellence in the art of building scale ship models.

The first event of this kind took place in 2011. Over 60 models were entered and the winners in each Division justly deserved their prizes and awards, as the pictures here and elsewhere on the website demonstrate. Since then, two other Competitions have taken place, in 2013 and 2015.

To that end, every model is reviewed by a panel of knowledgeable judges and their evaluations, scores and comments are returned to each entrant. Red, White and Blue ribbons of achievement are awarded to all models that receive a qualifying score. To level the playing field, there are separate Divisions for Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Model builders. In addition, the top models in each of these Divisions compete for medals and cash prizes. A selection of photographs of the winning models has been published in the Journal and on this website for all to enjoy.

This is not a competition to determine which modeler takes the best photographs. As much as possible, the quality of the photographs does not enter into the evaluation of the model and no digital adjusting of the images is permitted.

The Competition is offered every few years, taking into consideration the amount of time construction of a high-quality model requires. Stay tuned for future announcements.