The NRG Mentoring Program

The Nautical Research Guild is pleased to launch its Ship Model Mentoring Program

We have a database of mentors ready to improve your ship modelling skills, regardless of whether you are a neophyte, kit basher or scratch builder.  Once you have indicated an interest in participating in the program we will pair you with a mentor for a period of one year, or until the project is completed. Please remember that the purpose of a mentor is to offer assistance and guidance and to help with problem solving. It is not the job of a mentor to walk you through each and every step of the project. We expect e-mail exchanges to approximate 1-2 per week but this could vary as the relationship evolves.  You must be a member of the Nautical Research Guild to participate in the mentor program.

If you would like to be paired with a mentor please send an e-mail to Mike Lonnecker -

We have a limited number of mentors at this time so an immediate pairing may not be possible but, if this is the case, you will be placed on a waiting list. 

Mentoring is a relationship that brings people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing the skills and competence of the mentee. The NRG mentoring program will pair carefully selected mentors with ship modelers, novice to scratch, wishing to improve their skills.

As Greg Herbert from Admiralty Models describes "I am a person who has particularly benefited from mentoring and I can attest to the many benefits of participating in such a relationship. I first met David Antscherl in the year 2000 at the Mariners Museum Competition. I didn’t know who David was at that time but he took an interest in a model I was carrying. When I learned that he was the builder of the magnificent Polyphemous  model which won numerous awards in the competition I shyly asked him a few questions on improving my model. His answers were succinct, very helpful and frequently included illustrations such as the one below. 

Ship model mentorship program. Rising wood. Swan.

 David became a mentor, close friend and , eventually, business partner in Admiralty models. While NRG mentoring won't necessarily last a lifetime it is a commitment for at least one year."

The NRG has been building a database of those wishing to become mentors.

Our goal is to assemble ship modelers wishing to mentor in one (or more) of the following categories. Suggested ship modeling experience is provided for each listed category:

Novice mentor – completion of three kit models, with a thorough understanding of the basics of hull construction, working with metal fittings, hull planking etc. 

Intermediate mentor – completion of three kit models and the incorporation of some scratch built elements onto the model. 

Advanced intermediate/scratch building mentor – completion of one or more plank on frame or bulkhead models with extensive use of scratch built elements. The ability to guide the subject through the research process and suggest sources for further solutions to problems as they arise. 

Mentors should be prepared to offer guidance and support on a regular basis (but not exceeding) one or two e-mails per week. A mentor is a valuable resource but is not intended to be the sole source of instruction and support for the mentee. Ship model making is basically an exercise in 

problem solving during each phase of construction and an effective mentor will help the mentee develop these skills through support, praise and suggestions for improvement. Excessive criticism or nit picking is not part of this process and will not advance the skill of the mentee.

The NRG is also looking for members - builders to participate in the program who want to find a mentor. Each builder will then be paired with a mentor and the process shall begin. Both mentors and mentees shall be queried at quarterly intervals to assess the ongoing progress of the relationship. Should either party be dissatisfied with the process the pairing will be terminated. The mentee will be paired with another mentor when available. 

The success of the NRG mentoring program is dependent on establishing a suitable pool of ship model builders wishing to share their knowledge and passion for the hobby and serve as mentors. The process is very rewarding for both mentees and mentors. Becoming a mentor is an excellent way of sharing your passion for our hobby, as well as acknowledging those whose help and guidance have contributed to our own success as ship modelers.   If you wish to become a mentor or a mentee...please contact Mike Lonnecker if you wish to participate in this program.  You must be a full member of the NRG in order to become a mentee.

Mike Lonnecker -