Lee MartinShip Model Project Photos 

I am a former computer programmer and began building ship models upon retirement 6 years ago. I prefer ships that date from 1600-1800, building double planked models primarily from Italian kits. However, I make extensive modifications to them, such as using mahogany, scratch building many of the components and enhancing the rigging. 

I joined the NRG in 2011, belong to the Hampton Roads Ship Model Society, and demonstrate model building at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum in Norfolk, Virginia.

La Couronne


1:100 scale - Corel Kit

30" long x 26" high

I modified the kit:
- used mahogany for the second planking
- scratch built the tops following James Lees diagrams
- scratch built the ship's boat
- enhanced the rigging following RC Anderson, adding:
- upper and lower catharpins
- jeers to the main yards of each mast
- bow lines to each yard
- mizzen topmast stays, fore topmast stays, and spritsail topmast