Jarod MatwiyShip Model Project Photos 

I got into ship modeling because I love building things, and the more complicated the project the better. Sailing ship models seemed a natural fit, but I also like to try something new! 

I have been building models semi-professionally for 20 years and have completed about 30 models for clients all over the continent. 

My background is in CAD and electrical and mechanical engineering and can build pretty much anything. I don't limit myself to ship models.

USF Constitution


1:76" scale - Model Shipways kit

48" long x 132" high

This is the second Model Shipways USS Constitution that I've made. The build was aided by information from the Anatomy of the Ship book USS Constitution by Karl Heinz Marquardt. 

Deck gratings and fittings were all made of Swiss Pear and the boats (originally covered) were fitted out before shipping at the request of the client.



3/16" scale - Model Shipways kit

28" long and 18" high

This Rattlesnake was the fourth commissioned by a long-time client who requested a mix of sail settings and some crew for this build. 

The model is made from the very good Model Shipways kit, with Swiss Pear gratings and other detail parts, as well as cherry hull planking. The crew were cast metal figures purchased from Model Expo (I'm not sure if they still sell them) 

CSS Alabama


1/100 scale - Scratch built

33" long and 16" high 

This model was built for a descendant of the ship's captain Raphael Semmes. It was scratchbuilt using POF construction and a special set of photo-etched brass fittings I drew up in CAD and had made. 

Reference material was from the very good book "CSS Alabama, Anatomy of a Confederate Raider" by Andrew Bowcock. 

My client is part of a group called the Baton Rouge Civil War Round Table, and when he received the model they invited me to Louisiana where I gave a lecture on the model to his club! 

 HMB Endeavour


1:100 scale - Semi Scratch

18.5" long x 15.7" high

This model was commissioned by The History Channel for a traveling museum project they were doing. 

It was made plank on bulkhead style using the AOS Endeavour book as well as plans I had from a Caldercraft kit I made previously. 

I rarely accept a "deadline", but in this case the client and project was too cool to pass up. I had just over 3 months to complete the model and unfortunately I didn't have time to make the ships' boats.