Henry StrubShip Model Project Photos 

I am interested in early U.S. Navy sailing vessels, in particular those first warships built up thru the War of 1812 period. I started building models as a child in the '50's and got back into wooden ship modeling in 2001. I joined NRG shortly thereafter.

US Sloop of War Peacock


1/4" scale - Scratch Built

54" long x 37" high

Using the H.I. Chapelle plans from Smithsonian Inst. I constructed the model over a 6 year period, constructing the hull by Plank on Bulkhead. I generated approx. 40 drawings using MicroStation CAD for all the parts of the ship except the hull drawings I purchased. The copper plates are individual plates glued to the hull planking (approx. 1 month of time to complete). The carronade barrels were purchased from a fellow modeler who had them machined. The gun carriages are scratchbuilt.