Gus AgustinShip Model Project Photos 

I specialize in scratch-built miniature models (1:192 and smaller), and have for over 25 years. I especially enjoy building Admiralty Board dockyard models. I've been a NRG member for over 20 years and a member of the Midwest Model Shipwrights, SMA, and a Honorary member of the "Rope." My models have been exhibited in different shows across the US, in London and Tokyo. Several of my models are on display in museums from Annapolis to San Diego.

HMS Bellona 


1:288 - Scratch built

9" long and 2 1/2" high 

I have seen contemporary models that featured the hull split in two along the gun deck. I thought it would make for a challenging presentation. I decided that HMS Bellona, circa 1760, in a scale of 1:288 would be an ideal subject. The lower portion is composed of frames made from cherry wood, and is complete with deck beams, carlings, knees, and ledges. The upper section was made from a hollowed out basswood block. Internal details were installed, and the shell was then planked over. 

HMS Blandford 


1:192 - Scratch built

8 1/4" long and 2 3/8" high

This was my first Admiralty dockyard model. I was fascinated by the 1/32" x 1/32" oar ports the model would have. My art background was a big help while painting the frieze along the hull, which was done with acrylic water-based paint. The hull frames were made from cherry wood, while the planking on the hull and decks is lemon wood. The wales were made from cherry wood, and painted black with acrylic paint. I added a figure to the quarterdeck to give the viewer a sense of scale to the model.

HMY Royal Caroline - 1749

1:192 scale - Scratch Built

6 1/4" long and 4 1/2" high

I wanted to build a model with launching flags, so I chose the Royal Caroline because of all her decoration, and the flags would add a nice colorful touch. The frames and beams were made from cherry wood, while the planks on the hull and deck are boxwood. The flags were made from rice paper, and painted with acrylic paint. This model was awarded the Gold Medal and the Maze Challenge Cup Award at the International Engineering Exhibition in London.

HMS Resolution - 1667

1: 192 - Scratch

12" long and 3 1/2" high

This Admiralty Model was built using cherry wood for the frames, deck beams, keel, bow and stern. The planking for the hull and decks is boxwood. Boxwood was also used to carve the dolphins, which support the model. I carved a gun port wreath from boxwood, made a rubber mold, and cast the rest in resin. This guaranteed that they all would be identical. Since these photos were taken, launching flags were added, and the model is currently on loan to the US Naval Academy Museum at Annapolis

Fair American


1:192 scale - Scratch

9" long and 8" high 

I followed Clayton A. Feldman's book - 18th Century War Brig Fair American - Building a Plank on Frame Model. The plans came from Model Shipways, and I had them reduced to the required scale. The hull frames are cherry, while the planking on the hull and deck is boxwood. The deck furniture and anchor are also made from boxwood. The rigging and ratlines are blackened brass wire. All the planking on the model has been treenailed to create a tight bond with the model.

Stuart Royal Yacht


1:192 scale - Scratch

5 1/4" long and 5 3/4" high  

This Admiralty Board dockyard model is fully rigged. The frames are cherry, and the planking is boxwood. The rigging is nylon thread, and I used Kleenex tissue for the furled sails. The flags were made from rice paper and are hand painted. The base was made from myrtle burl wood.

HMS St. George


1:192 scale - Scratch

12 1/4" long and 3 1/2" high   

This Admiralty Board dockyard model was one of the most challenging models I have built. This was primarily due to the great amount of decoration this vessel had at it's bow and stern. The frames are cherry, while all the hull and deck planking is boxwood. All the planks are treenailed, and there are over 2500 of them on this model. The dolphins were carved out of boxwood, and painted gold. The base is made out of KOA wood, which is a Hawaiian species.

HMS Leopard


1:192 scale - Scratch

10 3/4" long and 3 3/8" high    

The book by Rif Winfield - The 50-Gun Ship, was the source of my plans for this model. The drawings are quite detailed, which made completion of this model a lot easier. Never the less, it took me a year and 1500 hours to complete. The frames are cherry, and the planking and deck furniture are boxwood. All five boats and the dolphins were also made from boxwood. The frieze along the hull was done with acrylic water-based paint. 

HMS St. George


1:384 scale - Scratch

6 3/4" long and 6 " high  

After building the St. George in a scale of 1:192, I thought I'd build her again at half that size (1:384), fully rigged. It was built in the same manner as my larger version, but required more patience. All the rigging is blackened brass wire. The flags were made from rice paper and hand painted. The base is walnut and maple, and the model sits on brass stanchions turned on my lathe. This model, and my 1:192 St. George tied for the bronze medal in the 2011 NRG Photographic Model Contest.