Duff GriffithShip Model Project Photos 

I started building models at about age five, and completed my first major model ship, Revell's 1/96 scale 'Cutty Sark' by age 12. Although I model all things transportation, sailing ships hold first place in my psyche. Now retired with 5 grand kids, I have more time to make toys for them and ships for me.

Le Soleil


1/100 scale - Heller Kit

30" long x 31" high

Heller has made a very nice and accurate plastic kit. Based on much research, I made a number of improvements. These include 'iron' chain plates, mast coats, working parrals, anchor bouys, knees under the head rails, seats of ease, eye bolts and lanyards on all gun port lids, and a scratch launch. The galleries were open so I removed some panels. Rigging is also extensively modified per Anderson, Boudriot and others. My version shows her at her 1689 relaunch.