Don MeadowsShip Model Project Photos 

I am a retired US Navy submariner. My two novels OF ICE AND STEEL and EPITAPH have taken up much of my time, and now I want to get back to my work. I am a scrimshander and water color artist. My wood carvings of whales are in several galleries. I have always loved sailing ships and though I have built more than 500 submarines for heads of state and collectors, I wanted to do a sailing ship. My passion whaling ships. I live here in beautiful Charleston SC. I am very honored to be a member.

USN Anchor Hoy


Miniature scale - scratch built

5" long x 8" high

I first saw this little work boat in a scratch modeling book and knew I had to build it. I found plans in another book. Not having a lot of room I decided to build it right from the book. I cut a block of basswood then made station templates in card. These I used to carve the hull. As this is my first sailing ship and first scratch build I planed every step. The deck is scribed basswood. The main mast is oak, and other deck furniture is cherry. Making 1mm blocks was done using a scraper.