Dan BrummerShip Model Project Photos 

A life-long fascination with models led me to build hundreds of wood and plastic kits in my school years. Most were for other people. My adult years saw the building of a nautical library and a focus on the construction of wooden vessels and rigging. Scratch building from actual boat plans in larger scales allows me to replicate construction practices and details. As a NRG member for about 10 years, I have written various pieces for the Journal. 

Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Fiona

3/8" scale - scratch built

24" long and 20" high

Model Completed in 2011

Though never a real vessel, this model reproduces every structural detail of a skipjack. Even the 5/8 inch drift bolts and pipe spacers in the cap rail are there, in scale. The subject of four different articles in the NRJ, the model now resides in Baltimore, MD, and was exhibited at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in 2012. Fifty detailed photos and captions, of the construction, may be found at: fionabits.com 

Beetle Whaleboat

1" scale - scratch built

30" long and 5" high

Model Completed in 2006

Built to plans of the boat Charles D. Beetle built for the Mariners Museum, the model was built in the same manner and with the same woods as the original boat. Accurate to every nail, knot, bend and splice, construction was described in a two-part feature article in the NRJ, "Building a Beetle Whaleboat", NRJ, 52:4, 229-232 and 53:1, 3-11.

Oregon Drift Boat Alsetz 

1" scale - Scratch model

15" long x 3 1/2" high

Completed in 1995

A coastal variation of the McKenzie style drift boat, by designer Bob Winn, the "Alsetz" models have been built in a variety of woods. All are fastened in brass or bronze and fitted exactly as in the full sized boats. The history of Oregon drift boats and the models were the subject of a NRJ feature article in 2005, Vol. 50, No. 1 pp. 1-8.

Portuguese Grand Banks Hand-Line Fishing Dory

1" scale - Scratch model

20" long x 15" high

Completed in 2012 

Simple models of this type are great for the beginning modeler. One can simply proceed as if they were building a full sized boat. See John Gardner's,The Dory Book for plans and instructions. 

This dory was built from detailed drawings by Manuel Leitao, of a typical hand-liner, from the Portuguese Grand Banks schooner fleet. Photographs from the National Geographic were used to check details. Note the frames of matched natural crooks, carved bailer, cork hold all and turk's head drip rings.