Attention model builders and nautical history enthusiasts!

Enjoy a free issue of the Nautical Research Journal

In response to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, and to help ease your time while practicing social distancing, the Nautical Research Guild has decided to make the digital edition of the Nautical Research Journal, Vol. 65.1 – Spring 2020, free for all to read and enjoy. Please share this digital edition with all your friends, family, and fellow modelers you think might enjoy, or need, a fun distraction. 

Our hobby is going through an adjustment with club meetings cancelled.  But on the plus side, many modelers are now able to spend more time than ever in the shop.  It is great for those of us that have this great hobby in common to be able to spend more time doing something we love rather than staring at the walls.  We are all in this together, so take this opportunity to work on a model or researching your next project while stuck at home.  We hope you enjoy reading this issue of the Nautical Research Journal.

Stay safe, practice social distancing and do all you can to be here when this is all over. 

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We encourage everyone to share this free digital edition with friends, family, and fellow modelers.

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