Chuck PassaroShip Model Project Photos 

18th Century Rigged 26 Foot Longboat

Circa 1750-1760

1/4" scale

11 3/4" long and 10" high

Model Completed in 2011

This scratch built model of an 18th century longboat was inspired by a contemporary model in the National Maritime Museum in England.  It is made primarily from Boxwood and is plank on frame built.  The rigging line was hand made in my ropewalk with DMC Cordonnet Cotton Thread.   The painted Friezes on this longboat ship model were designed using some desktop software and printed out on my inkjet printer.  This was then glued to the model.  Blocks were scratched from boxwood.  

Continental Frigate Confederacy 


3/16" scale - Scratch model

36" long

Completed in 2011

This model of the Frigate Confederacy was built from scratch using the English As-Captured drafts as the primary source.  It is made entirely from basswood as it was the prototype for the Model Shipways kit.  

All of the carved decorations were actually sculpted with polymer clay and sent down to Model Expo to be used as the masters for the kit.  This is the first mass-produced kit of a frigate to show open framing with all deck beams and knees exposed.

21' English Pinnace circa 1760

1/2" scale

Scratch built

12' long and 3" wide

Model completed in 2012 

This model is a duplicate of the smaller one I made earlier that was 1/4" scale.  It was enlarged to 1/2" scale and was built as the prototype for a Model Shipways kit.   This pinnace ship model is built entirely from boxwood.  It is a plank on frame model and designed as an advanced kit. It was designed using a contemporary draft of 21' pinnace in the NMM archives. To read more about its construction click here for a full PDF article. It is shown in these photo next to the smaller 1/4" scale version to show the size difference between the two models.