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Director Changes

July 19, 2018 1:43 PM | David Eddy

We recently sent out an email to the membership asking for help from the membership for assistance with marketing and for a new Director to fill a vacancy. We are happy to say that the response to both was great and that we thank all who responded.

However, we failed to mention who had stepped down as a Director causing us to look for a replacement. For this oversight we are truly sorry.

Bill Maxwell had to step down from the board for some personal issues that are taking up his time and he felt that he couldn't devote the necessary time to the NRG. Bill is a hard worker and valuable member of the board who contributed up to the last minute as his retirement was announced to the board at the conclusion of our May meeting. Bill had previously notified Chairman Mitch Michelson of his need to step down but that he wished to do it after the meeting was concluded so that he could assist the board through the meeting. This is typical of Bill's consideration for others and the business of the NRG.

We thank Bill for his service and wish him the very best going forward.

Several members responded concerning the open Director position and after consideration of the information submitted by these members, the board has appointed David Eddy of Austin, TX to the open Director position. Per the provisions of Article III of the bylaws, Dave will fill out the remaining term of Bill Maxwell and run for election at the end of Bill's term of office.

Dave has 20+ years of experience running a tech company whose main demographic is the 'retired crowd', so he has experience working with our kind of group. Dave's experience with operations, marketing, website development, application coding and digital publishing was exactly what we were looking for. This type of experience will certainly help us modernize as needed to ensure we attract new members that are so essential to the growth of the NRG. For our members who frequent MSW Dave is known there as GenericDave.

Welcome aboard Dave.

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