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Bylaw Vote

November 20, 2018 1:27 PM | David Eddy

The Board has proposed the following change to ARTICLE IX - SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS - Section 2 of the bylaws. The text in black is the existing wording. The text in green is proposed to be added to the existing text of

The Secretary's Newsletter (SNL) shall be prepared by the Secretary and distributed to each Member. Contents may include, but are not limited to, notices, ballots, election results, Board comments, Officer's comments and other time dated information. The SNL's publication method and distribution frequency shall be determined by the Board of Directors as they deem necessary to keep the membership informed of Guild activities.

The Board has proposed the following change to ARTICLE IV - DUTIES - SECTION 3 - Appointed Officers and Assistants

A. Secretary

The Secretary shall record and maintain the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors unless the Board meets in executive session. In said case, one of the Directors will be assigned to take the minutes of the executive session. In addition, the Secretary shall prepare ballots, supervise elections of Directors, prepare the Secretary's Newsletter (SNL) and undertake related responsibilities as assigned by the Board of Directors.

Reason for the suggested change to Section 3A: Not relevant to Secretary's duties as the Secretary does not attend an executive session.

The vote is either a single YES or NO on the proposed changes.

Votes must be received by 5 pm CST on December 21, 2018. 

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