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Nautical Research Journal 64.2, Summer 2019

May 22, 2019 12:34 PM | David Eddy

The Summer 2019 edition of the Nautical Research Journal is now available!

Digital subscribers can access the digital edition here.  Print subscribers will be receiving their copies by mail soon!

On Friday, May 31, 2019 we used a new mailing service for the Summer issue of the Journal (64.2) for all mailings outside of the US – except the first-class mailings we made last week. The mailings to Canada should be much quicker as there is a special class of USPS mail that we can now use for Canada. The reliability of the service to all areas outside the US and Canada should be improved and the time to receive the Journals should be shorter.

We are asking all our non-US members to send an email to us letting us know the date you receive the Summer Issue, 64.2 of the Journal. It is important to do this so we can make sure this service is working as it should so we know if we should keep using it. We have been assured that service should be much better than previously to all areas but especially better to Canada.

Upon receipt of the Summer, 64.2 issue, please send an email to telling us your name and the date you got your Journal. We would appreciate it very much if those getting their Journals by first class mail also respond so we can compare the services.

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