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Seaways Ships in Scale Magazine has Ceased Publication

July 09, 2018 12:41 PM | David Eddy

The Nautical Research Guild (NRG) is saddened to see Ships in Scale Magazine end its long and amazing tenure supporting our hobby of model ship building. The loss of Ships in Scale has left a void for the beginning and intermediate ship modelers.

In response to this news, the NRG Board of Directors has decided to make some changes to the Nautical Research Journal to offer former Ships in Scale subscribers somewhere to continue their journey into model ship building. First, the Journal will be expanded to provide more room for ship modeling articles for modelers of all skill levels without diminishing our commitment to nautical research. Secondly, articles started, but not completed, in Ships in Scale will be continued in the Journal to ensure that these valuable series are completed. Installments of these articles already published in Ships in Scale have been posted on the NRG website to allow non-SIS subscribers the opportunity to appreciate the entire series. Click here to see these previous installments of Ships in Scale articles.

The Guild has also purchased the intellectual property of Seaways Publishing. This means that CD sets for Ships in Scale and Model Ship Builder will continue to be available as well as the plans and Practicums published by Seaways Publishing.

The Guild did not purchase Seaways Publishing or Ships in Scale. We are simply filling the void left by their ceasing publication. Any questions regarding Ships in Scale subscriptions must be directed to Seaways Publishing, not to the NRG.

To encourage former SIS subscribers to join the NRG, all subscribers who are not already Guild members will receive a free issue of the Fall edition of the Journal. The Board is confident that when SIS subscribers see the quality and content of the NRG's Journal, they will enthusiastically join the NRG and experience the benefits of this organization

We hope that all NRG members will welcome the SIS Subscribers to our Guild and realize that adding their numbers to ours will allow us to offer even more modeling content in the Journal.

Questions and comments are welcome, but please direct them to our Board of Directors, not our office staff. Emails may be sent to and will be forwarded to our Board from there.

Anticipating some of your questions we have set up some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS below.

Help us ensure that the hobby lasts far into the future - encourage your fellow modelers to join the NRG.

Did the NRG purchase Ships in Scale Magazine (SIS)?

No. We purchased the back issue CD sets of Model Ship Builder Magazine (MSB) and all iterations of SIS Magazine and all rights to sell these items as well as develop a new CD to include the 2010 to Summer 2018 back issues.

Will the NRG be printing SIS Magazine?

No. The magazine's last issue has been printed.

Will my NRG membership fee be going up because of this?

No. The anticipated growth in NRG memberships from the former SIS subscribers signing up will allow us to produce the expanded Journal for close to the same cost. There is economy in printing more copies so the unit cost comes down.

How many pages are being added to the Nautical Research Journal (Journal or NRJ)?

We are adding 16 full color pages starting with the Fall (63.3) issue.

I pay for First Class delivery of the Journal. Will I have to pay more for delivery of the expanded Journal?

Not for your current membership period. When you renew, the additional First Class fee will be higher due to the increased weight of the Journal. The increase will be only for the added weight.

SIS subscribers are getting a free copy of the next Journal. I am a NRG member and a SIS subscriber. Do I get the next issue free?

No. This is a promotion to enlist new members.

How will this change impact the future direction of the NRG?

The anticipated increased membership numbers will allow the expanded Journal to not result in an increase in membership fees.The anticipated increase in membership will allow future expansion of the Journal beyond the initial expansion. The anticipated increase in membership is essential to the expansion of the Journal. Without the anticipated growth we can't fund further expansion so it is up to the modeling community to encourage SIS subscribers and others to join the NRG.

What is the NRG and the NRJ?

Founded in 1948, the Nautical Research Guild is an IRS 501(c)(3) approved nonprofit educational organization with an international membership of historians, ship model makers, artists and laypersons with a common interest in the history, beauty and technical sophistication of ships and their models. Read more about the NRG here.

NRG membership is mentioned many times. Can I just subscribe to the NRJ without being a member?

No. The Journal is available only to members, but if you are more comfortable with a subscription just think of the membership as an added bonus. Members get discounts on the products we sell which will soon include the SIS back issue CDs.

Isn't the NRJ more of an academic magazine?

Yes in that we offer more research oriented articles than SIS or MSB did. However the Journal has always included modeling content. The modeling content was increased several years ago and is being increased by 16 pages now. The research articles are primarily aimed at "Advancing Ship Modeling Through Research".

Is the NRG for beginners or advanced modelers?

Both. In the past the majority of Journal modeling articles were aimed at the intermediate to advanced modeler. We relied on SIS and before that MSB and SIS to serve the beginners. We will be providing more content for the beginners and intermediates going forward - without forgetting the advanced modelers.

How can I subscribe to the NRJ?

The Journal is only available to NRG members. Joining the NRG includes a subscription to the Nautical Research Journal along with other benefits. You can join the NRG online or by phone. See below of information on how to join the NRG at a special discounted rate!

Will back issues of SiS be available?

Back issues will be available on CDs or flash drives soon. We will not have printed copies. Back issues may be purchased from the NRG store.

Who do I contact about a refund of my Ships in Scale subscription money?

Contact Seaways Publishing. All subscribers with subscription issues remaining should be receiving a check from Seaways. See the Editorial in the last SIS issue.

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