Spring 2014 - Vol 59 # 1 

Book Reviews from the Nautical Research Guild 

The NRG has many new book reviews on naval and maritime history and ship modelling. They contain valuable information for researchers and modelers. So many more than the Journal’s review pages can accommodate... To improve the Journal’s service to its readers, additional book reviews are presented here for all maritime and ship modeling enthusiasts.  

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The Civil War on Pensacola Bay, 1861-1862

By John K. Driscoll

Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Co., 2013

7” x 10”, softcover, 234 pages

Illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. $29.95

ISBN: 99780786473124 

The Marine Chronometer: Its History and Development

By Rupert T. Gould

Woodbridge, Suffolk: The Antique Collectors’ Club, 2013

8” x 10-1/2”, hardcover, lv + xvi + 287 pages

Photographs, diagrams, appendices, notes, indices. $125.00

ISBN: 9781851493654 

Bremerhaven: Oceanum Verlag, 2012

8-1/4” x 8-1/4”, softcover, 136 pages

German-English text, photographs, diagrams. €19.90

Men of Iron: USS Constitution’s War of 1812 Crew

By Matthew Brenkle, Lauren McCormack and Sarah Watkins

Charlestown, Massachusetts: USS Constitution Museum, 2012

8-1/2” x 11”, softcover, 68 pages

Illustrations, tables, notes. $10.00

ISBN: 9780615672069 

Shipping in the Medieval Military: English Maritime Logistics in the Fourteenth Century

By Craig L. Lambert

Woodbridge, Suffolk: The Boydell Press, 2011

6-1/4” x 9-1/2”, hardcover, xiii + 243 pages

Tables, appendices, notes, bibliography, index. $90.00

ISBN: 9781843836544 

Titanic Voices: 63 Survivors Tell Their Extraordinary Stories

By Hannah Holman

Gloucestershire: Amberley Publishing, 2011

9 ¼” X 6 ¼”, harcover, 436 pages

Introduction, images, further reading

ISBN: 9781445602226 

The War of 1812 and the Rise of the U.S. Navy

By Mark Collins Jenkins and David A. Taylor

Washington, DC: National Geographic, 2012

12-1/4” x 9-1/4”, hardcover, ix + 270 pages

Illustrations, bibliography, index. $30.00

ISBN: 9781426209338 

 William B. Cushing in the Far East: A Civil War Naval Hero Abroad, 1865-1869

By Julian R. McQuiston

Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, 2013

6” x 9”, softcover, vi + 222 pages

Photographs, notes, bibliography, index. $35.00

ISBN: 9780786470556

X-1: The Royal Navy’s Mystery Submarine

By Roger Branfill-Cook

Barnsley: Seaforth Publishing, 2012

7-1/2” x 10”, hardcover, 192 pages

Illustrations, drawings, appendices, notes, bibliography. $44.95

ISBN: 9781848321618

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