Winter 2013 - Vol 58 # 3 

Book Reviews from the Nautical Research Guild 

The NRG has many new book reviews on naval and maritime history and ship modelling. They contain valuable information for researchers and modelers. So many more than the Journal’s review pages can accommodate... To improve the Journal’s service to its readers, additional book reviews are presented here for all maritime and ship modeling enthusiasts.  

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Arctic Mission: 90 North by Airship and Submarine

By William F. Althoff

9” x 11-1/4”, hardcover, xvii + 264 pages

Reviewed by Jennifer Jones, East Carolina University

From Guiding Lights to Beacons for Business: The Many Lives of Maine’s Lighthouses

Edited by Richard Cheek

8-1/4” x 11”, softcover, 240 pages

Reviewed by Bob Rutledge, University of West Florida

James D. Bulloch: Secret Agent and Mastermind of the Confederate Navy

By Walter E. Wilson and Gary L. McKay

7” x 10”, softcover, 362 pages

Andrew Duppstadt, North Carolina State Historic Sites

The Man Who Thought Like a Ship

By Loren C. Steffy

6-1/2” x 9-1/2”, hardcover, xi + 196 pages

LeeAnne Gordon, Alexandria, Virginia

Roles of the Sea in Medieval England

Edited by Richard Gorski

6-1/4” x 9-1/2”, hardcover, x + 194 pages

Ryan T. Goodman, East Carolina University

Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps

By Chet van Duzer

9” x 9-3/4”, hardcover, 144 pages

Vicki Ellen Szabo, Western Carolina University

 The Ship That Would Not Die: USS Queens, SS Excambion, and USTS Texas Clipper

By Stephen Curley

9-1/4” x 10-1/4”, hardcover, xv + 235 pages

Benjamin Wells, University of West Florida

War at Sea: A Naval Atlas 1939-1945

By Marcus Faulkner

9-1/2” x 13”, hardcover, xii + 275 pages

Nicole Silverblatt, East Carolina University